We Are Quake LED



Quake LED is leading the LED lighting industry with the latest in off-road light technology at straight from the factory prices. With our revolutionary LED lighting designs, Quake LED is changing the way off-road enthusiasts see fast approaching night time terrain. Our LED light bars offer three types of lighting patterns; Flood, Spot, or Combo (a mix of spot and flood) style beam patterns, giving you unlimited options of lighting that can fit your aesthetics. Our LED work lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you powerful light in just about any space your vehicle has available. We offer a complete line of lighting solutions for pre-runners, trucks, rock crawlers, UTVs, side by sides, buggies, ATVs, dirt bikes, sand-rails, and other vehicle applications where you need to turn the darkness into daylight.

We Are An Off-Road Company

Quake LED is owned and operated by people who off-road. We test our products almost every weekend, on our own personal off-road vehicles. We know what our customers want and have the real world experience and engineering background to meet your needs. Our innovative thinking combined with our off-road experience allows us to be on the cutting edge of off-road lighting technology. Continuing to lead the way in product design and functionality that only Quake LED can provide. Whether you’re an Off-road Racer or a Casual Jeeper, all Quake LED products are specifically developed for superior projection. Quake LED is, hands down, the brightest option. With amazing optical technology on your side, Quake LED offers the best choice for your vehicle.

What is a LED?

An LED is a ‘Light Emitting Diode’ and is a semiconductor device which converts electricity into light. LED lighting has been around since the 1960s but is just beginning to appear in off-road and commercial industry. LEDs are superior, in many ways, to HID and Halogen lights. LEDs are stronger and more durable, have a longer life, and are better at shining light in a single direction than HIDs or Halogen bulbs. Because of their directional output, LEDs have unique design features that can unfetter traditional light design ideas. This makes room for the customization that the off-road community requires. With Quake LED’s innovative technology you get powerful light output with much lower amp draw than HID or Halogen lighting. LED lights are rapidly transforming the entire lighting industry due to their extremely high energy efficiency. Quake LED is leading the way in this emerging, transformative, evolving industry and is proud to produce the best that LED technology has to offer. LED lighting is the future and we are here to bring the future to you!

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